Lao Fabric Face Mask

by Saeng Douangdara

Lao Fabric Face Mask

Make your own DIY face masks.
Prep Time30 mins
Keyword: face masks


  • sewing machine


  • 1 16” x 8.5” large rectangle
  • 4 18” x 1.75” thin rectangles


  • Cut out 1 large strip and 4 thin rectangle strips as mentioned above
  • Make the ear straps with the thin rectangles by folding it in half length wise and folding it in again length wise. Iron it to help keep it folded. Sew to keep it together.
  • With the large strip, fold it in half right sides touching and sew keeping 3” in the middle open
  • Open it up so the sewed side is in the middle. Press it by ironing.
  • Pin the four straps to each corner and place the access strap inside. Sew straight down each side being careful not to sew the opposite strap. Cut the corners.
  • Flip it inside out and press with an iron to flatten.
  • Make three folds and pin it
  • Sew straight down the sides to keep the folds intact
  • The whole in the back of the mask can place any extra filter you have
  • Tie it around your face and you’re done! Now make more for friends and family.

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