How to Make a Padaek Hot Pocket

by Saeng Douangdara

Padaek is liquid gold from Laos and it is used in a lot of Lao food dishes. You probably had it in thummakhoong papaya salad and Lao stews. It is unfiltered fish sauce that ferments for at least 6 months, but I would recommend a year of it fermenting. If you can get your hands on padaek from Laos, then your food will be amazing! With my recent episode of “Smelly Good”, I introduce padaek to a very familiar dish, a hot pocket. I made a cheese stretching padaek hot pocket and the dough was very flakey. Check out the video below for my extravagant adventure into making a padaek hot pocket. The written recipe is here:

In case you missed it, last episode of “Smelly Good” was on how to make a yummy no bake durian pie. Here is the written recipe:

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