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wagyu and Lao food
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Jeow Som & Jeow Bee with Wagyu

I love eating wagyu steaks with my favorite Lao dips:  jeow som and jeow bee!  Do you have a favorite sauce for steaks?  The wagyu is from @pursuitfarms your cuts are so delicious!  This video goes into how I like to cook ribs, steaks, and how to make the delicious Lao dips that pair well …

Lao Sausage
Air Fryer Lao Food Recipe

Sai Oua | Lao Sausage

Sai Oua Lao sausage is packed with exciting flavors that no other sausage can compare to.  It comes with all the essential Lao ingredients packed into fatty pork goodness.  There will be blasts of lemongrass, galangal, and plenty of umami from the padaek. The process is a labor of love but once you finish, it …