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Essential Lao Noodles

No. 1 Khao Poon Nam Paa | Lao Fish Vermicelli Curry Noodle Soup There are many variations to khao poon, but I want to highlight the fish broth since fish is eaten often with many fish from the Mekong. This noodle dish has a creamy thick fish curry soup with vermicelli noodle and topped with …

Blog Lao Food Opinion Piece

Preserving Culture Through Lao Food

LETTER PUBLISHED ON FACEBOOK ON OCTOBER 23, 2020 What if I told you you can live in a world that knows about your culture, history, and food?  A world where you didn’t have to explain your origins or have to say “we are similar to this or that country”.  We are on the edge of …

Blog Lao Food Opinion Piece

Lao Food is Not Just About Eating with Your Hands

PAST LETTER PUBLISHED ON FACEBOOK ON APRIL 13, 2019 Lao food has been making waves across American media, and it is fairly new to the public. With the positive momentum of Lao restaurants, chefs, businesses, and public figures, Lao cuisine has been able to grab a seat at the table. With large platforms wanting to …

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