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wagyu and Lao food
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Jeow Som & Jeow Bee with Wagyu

I love eating wagyu steaks with my favorite Lao dips:  jeow som and jeow bee!  Do you have a favorite sauce for steaks?  The wagyu is from @pursuitfarms your cuts are so delicious!  This video goes into how I like to cook ribs, steaks, and how to make the delicious Lao dips that pair well …


Khao Piek Sen | Tapioca Rice Noodles

Khao piek sen translates to wet rice noodle in Lao.  This traditional Lao noodle dish is a chicken noodle soup that is the heart and comfort food for many Lao people including myself.  The only three ingredients you will need to make these noodles are:  tapioca flour, rice flour, and sometimes glutinous rice flour.   SaengSabaidee …

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