by Saeng Douangdara

I am so honored and humbled to bring more awareness to and around Laos through our cuisine, culture and community. Through the years I have been very fortunate in getting the opportunity to share about Laos and more through different segments below from the Price is Right and the Hallmark Channel to KTLA5! Please watch, re-share and like the following videos! If there are any other media opportunities where you feel I can bring Lao food to the front stage, comment below!



THRILLIST – Fruit Just Tastes Better with These Savory and Spicy Dips

VOYAGE LA – Inspiring Conversations with Saeng Douangdara of Saeng’s Kitchen

VICE MUNCHIES – How 4 Chefs Found Family In The Restaurant Industry | Our Table

HALLMARK’S HOME AND FAMILY – Khao Piek Sen Lao Hand-Cut Tapioca Chicken Noodle Soup Broth

ALLMARK’S HOME AND FAMILY – Khao Piek Sen Lao Hand-Cut Tapioca Chicken Noodle Soup Broth

BUZZFEED BRING ME – 5 Authentic Lao Dishes From A Lao Chef

CHAMPA MEUANGLAO – Official Lao Airlines Inflight MagazineThe Lao Food Foundation. Reconnecting through food.

VOICE OF AMERICA – From Counselor to Personal Chef

FOODBEAST – 9 Essential Lao Dishes To Acquaint Yourself In The Rich Cuisine

FOODBEAST KATCHUP – Lao Chef Calls Out Foodbeast

LA TIMES – Laotian food is fresh, funky and highly underrated. Get your fix at these four places

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER – ‘Origin Story’ Filmmaker Kulap Vilaysack Brings Lao Culture to Hollywood Hills

NORTH COAST JOURNAL – Mah-der: A Laotian Call to the Table And a recipe for comforting spicy noodles

HEALING OUT LAO’D – E1: Saengthong Douangdara on Lao food as a catalyst for individual/collective empowerment + navigating counseling & fitness journey

An Exploration of Fish Sauce With Padek Patis and Nuoc Mam

“Where is my Friend?” Book

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