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Lao Food Recipe

Essential Lao Chicken Broth

This is the broth I always make once a week to have it ready whenever I want to make any Lao stew, soup, or noodle dish. Its the foundation and you can always add more herbs afterwards with whatever dish you are making. Its delicious and very healthy!

Laab Gai
Lao Food Recipe Salad

Laab Gai – Lao Herb Chicken Salad

Lao Food Recipe

Puffed Sticky Rice Cakes

This recipe only includes two main ingredients: sticky rice and sugar.  Sticky rice goes through three processes of steaming, drying, and frying to produce a super crispy puffed rice cake.  The caramel is drizzled on top and its a perfect snack after all your Lao meals.  

Lao Food Recipe

Ping Gai – Lao Chicken Wings

It was an easy and simple way to add many Lao flavors to chicken wings.  Whether it is roasted or bbq’d, it makes a perfect meal to enjoy with the family.  My favorite part of the wings is the yummy ligaments and cartilage. It pairs perfectly with thummakhoong with the caramelized glaze from the wings …

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