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Lao Food Recipe

Khao Lod Song – Pandan Rice Gems in Caramel Coconut Milk

This delicious vibrant worm shaped food is made out of rice flour and pandan.  The green glowing dessert is drenched in salted coconut milk and caramelized syrup.   Make sure to serve it over ice and it will be the perfect sweet treat.

Instant Pot Lao Food Recipe

Mee Katee – Egg Red Curry Noodle Soup

Mee Katee is one of those delicious Lao noodle soups you could eat every winter night. The differences in this dish is that it is packed with egg drizzle, rice stick noodles, tamarind paste, mung beans, soy beans, and pork broth. This top down recipe is from my friend Meng. I suggest using her recipe …

Lao Food Recipe

Laab Diip – Raw Beef Salad

Laab diip raw beef salad is one of those childhood dishes that I always steered away from because it was scary to me as a kid. As an adult, I grew to love and cherish this dish. It is one of the essential Lao dishes that incorporates unique and delicious ingredients. The recipe looks easy, …

Instant Pot Lao Food Recipe

Instant Pot Khao Piek Sen Broth & Handmade Tapioca Rice Noodles

It was a cold day, so I wanted to test the Instant Pot with a beloved Lao noodle dish called khao piek sen. This dish is usually made with a whole chicken, but I wanted to continue with my craze over spare ribs. This recipe cuts down the time to make a broth by hours. …

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Regions of Laos In D.C. – Lao Food Movement

PAST ARTICLE PUBLISHED ON July 16, 2019 The door swings open with smiling faces to greet you with a mouth watering whiff of fish sauce. As you walk through the crowd, you see people laughing and chatting away over food you grew up eating. Your eyes glance at the beautiful naga serpent painted on the …

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