Ping Gai – Lao Chicken Wings

It was an easy and simple way to add many Lao flavors to chicken wings.  Whether it is roasted or bbq’d, it makes a perfect meal to enjoy with the family.  My favorite part of the wings is the yummy ligaments and cartilage. It pairs perfectly with thummakhoong with the caramelized glaze from the wings…

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Khao Niew & Khao Jee – Sticky Rice & Lao Pancake

Sticky rice is a staple in Lao cuisine.  Almost every meal always has fresh sticky rice to enjoy with dips, meats, and veggies.  With the rice, we are making khao jee a Lao pancake snack. Its crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.  This street snack goes well with jeaw bong a sweet…

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Gaeng Nor Mai – Yanang Bamboo Pork Stew

Gaeng nor mai is a traditional Lao stew known for its earthy green flavors.  The taste comes from the fresh bamboo shoots, yanang extract, and lots of green herbs.  When this comes hot off the stove, it pairs perfectly with warm sticky rice.

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