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glutinous sesame balls
Lao Food Recipe

Khanom Ooloo | Glutinous Sesame Balls | Bánh Cam

It’s hard for me to just eat one of these chewy glutinous rice balls.  They are filled with vibrant yellow mung beans mixed with shreds of coconut.  This dessert also incorporates fresh potatoes in the dough and it helps crisp up the balls.  You’ll want to eat these right out of the fryer before anyone …

How to make papaya salad
Lao Food Recipe

Thum Mak Hoong| Papaya Salad | ຕຳຫມາກຫຸ່ງ

Once you make this thum mak hoong papaya salad recipe from Laos, you will never go back to any other salad.  It is bursting with funky, dark, and intense flavors perfect with freshly steamed sticky rice.  Feel free to adjust the flavors if you like it more sweet, sour, or salty! 

Lao Food Recipe

Sakoo Yat Sai | Tapioca Dumpling | ສະຄູຍັດໃສ້

Lao Food Recipe

Cheesy Pork Belly Rice Cake (Lao American Recipe)

Lao Food Recipe

Essential Lao Chicken Broth

This is the broth I always make once a week to have it ready whenever I want to make any Lao stew, soup, or noodle dish. Its the foundation and you can always add more herbs afterwards with whatever dish you are making. Its delicious and very healthy!

Laab Gai
Lao Food Recipe Salad

Laab Gai – Lao Herb Chicken Salad

Drink Recipe Lao Food Recipe

LAOba | Lao inspired boba

I was craving something sweet at night so I decided to make this because these are all the ingredients I have in my pantry. It’s similar to nam van Lao coconut dessert, but with boba!

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