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khao poon nam paa
Lao Food

Khao Poon Nam Paa | Lao Fish Vermicelli Curry Noodle Soup

Fall is here and it’s getting chilly so khao poon nam paa is perfect for this season. The Lao fish noodle red curry soup is great for all the noodle lovers. I love adding chicken feet and pork blood jello in mine. What do you like garnishing your khao poon with? SaengSabaidee penong hi Fam! …

Kua Mee
Lao Food

Kua Mee | Lao Caramelized Fried Rice Noodles

Kua mee is the signature Lao dry noodle dish.  Once you take a bite and get a mouthful of caramelized noodles, omelette, fresh herbs, and fried pepper, you will know why people love this dish so much.  It’s the perfect party dish as it tastes even better at room temperature.  Don’t judge me as I …

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Lao Food – 10 of The Best Laotian Dishes You Should Eat

Lao Food – 10 of The Best Laotian Dishes You Should Eat

Khao Nom Nap
Lao Food

Khao Nom Nap | Sticky Rice Coconut Dumpling

These sweet treats are made of sticky rice and coconut!  They are the perfect dessert after a Lao meal.  I go into depth on how to use banana leaves and how to do banana leaf origami. SaengSabaidee penong hi Fam! I am Saeng and I am a Los Angeles personal chef and cooking instructor. I …

wagyu and Lao food
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Jeow Som & Jeow Bee with Wagyu

I love eating wagyu steaks with my favorite Lao dips:  jeow som and jeow bee!  Do you have a favorite sauce for steaks?  The wagyu is from @pursuitfarms your cuts are so delicious!  This video goes into how I like to cook ribs, steaks, and how to make the delicious Lao dips that pair well …

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