Instant Pot Lao Food Recipe

Instant Pot Khao Piek Sen Broth & Handmade Tapioca Rice Noodles

It was a cold day, so I wanted to test the Instant Pot with a beloved Lao noodle dish called khao piek sen. This dish is usually made with a whole chicken, but I wanted to continue with my craze over spare ribs. This recipe cuts down the time to make a broth by hours. …

Egg rolls
Lao Food Recipe

Lao Mom Egg Rolls | Lao Food at Saeng’s Kitchen

Egg rolls have become a staple for any Lao household.  Each kitchen has their own style to make delicious, crispy egg rolls.  I decided to make Lao mom egg rolls!   I will show you the tips and tricks on making the perfectly crispy and flavorful egg roll.  Thank you to ABC sauce for sponsoring …

Lao Food Recipe

Pandan Rice Cake | Khao Pahd

Its firm, its green, and it will save the day with how delicious it is.  Khao pahd is made from tapioca and rice flour.  All your kids will rave over it because they get to play with slime and also eat it.  The earthy aroma of pandan with fresh coconut shreds will surely soothe your …

Laospiration Recipe

Nutella Sticky Balls | LAOspiration

These Nutella sticky balls are made of sticky rice and filled with chocolate and delicious Nutella.  This is a twist on the traditional sesame ball filled with yellow mung bean. 

Lao Sausage
Air Fryer Lao Food Recipe

Sai Oua | Lao Sausage

Sai Oua Lao sausage is packed with exciting flavors that no other sausage can compare to.  It comes with all the essential Lao ingredients packed into fatty pork goodness.  There will be blasts of lemongrass, galangal, and plenty of umami from the padaek. The process is a labor of love but once you finish, it …

Mango Sticky Rice
Lao Food Recipe

Mango Sticky Rice | Khao Niew Mak Muang Sii Faa

Mango sticky rice is found all over Southeast Asia and especially Laos.  Many People know it as the white sticky rice with a side of ripened mango.  Here is my Lao take at mango sticky rice giving it a vibrant blue color, scented pandan flavor, and crunchy textures from the roasted mung bean.


Khao Piek Sen | Tapioca Rice Noodles

Khao piek sen translates to wet rice noodle in Lao.  This traditional Lao noodle dish is a chicken noodle soup that is the heart and comfort food for many Lao people including myself.  The only three ingredients you will need to make these noodles are:  tapioca flour, rice flour, and sometimes glutinous rice flour.  

glutinous sesame balls
Lao Food Recipe

Khanom Ooloo | Glutinous Sesame Balls | Bánh Cam

It’s hard for me to just eat one of these chewy glutinous rice balls.  They are filled with vibrant yellow mung beans mixed with shreds of coconut.  This dessert also incorporates fresh potatoes in the dough and it helps crisp up the balls.  You’ll want to eat these right out of the fryer before anyone …

How to make papaya salad
Lao Food Recipe

Thum Mak Hoong| Papaya Salad | ຕຳຫມາກຫຸ່ງ

Once you make this thum mak hoong papaya salad recipe from Laos, you will never go back to any other salad.  It is bursting with funky, dark, and intense flavors perfect with freshly steamed sticky rice.  Feel free to adjust the flavors if you like it more sweet, sour, or salty! 

Lao Food Recipe

Sakoo Yat Sai | Tapioca Dumpling | ສະຄູຍັດໃສ້

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